Which Candidates Support Criminal Justice and Prison Reform? Get the List!

In order to bring transparency to the positions of all Congressional, Senate and Gubernatorial candidates in the midterm elections, with respect to their positions on criminal justice and prison reform, the Lawrence Goldfarb Judicial Reform Foundation is compiling a database that will be publicly available online prior to the 2018 midterm elections. This list will be made available so that voters will have clarity on where each candidate stands on criminal and prison reform issues. To request your copy of the list once complete, fill out the form below.

According to Lawrence Goldfarb, the Executive Director of the Foundation, providing voters transparency as to their applicable candidates positions on criminal, judicial, sentencing, penal and prison reform issues will force candidates to publicly state their positions on these issues and therefore allow voters to make informed and educated decisions on which candidates to support and vote for.

Goldfarb says that, “it is pathetic that our elected officials have done nothing to overhaul the completely failed and corrupt criminal justice system in America.” One of the Goldfarb Foundation’s mandates is to make elected officials accountable for their positions and votes, or lack thereof, on such a pressing American issue that affects the most basic rights afforded by American societal values.

The results of the database compiled on each candidate by the Foundation will be available to the American electorate in early October. Goldfarb’s aim is to force all candidates to take a public stand one way or the other on immediate criminal justice reform issues so that voters can make decisions with that information at hand. The results of the database will be published on the Foundation’s website www.judiciareformfoundation.org.

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